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In Frantic Unleashed, Part I of the Frantic Series, survivor Missy Palrang describes her daily struggles following her husband’s death by suicide.  Her journal is filled with raw emotion and insight.  She describes her struggles with learning to live again and regain joy in this new and foreign world she’s been forced to enter.  She shares poignant observations as well as lessons she learned along the way.

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5 star review on Reader’s Favorite

“The content was real and unfiltered.” John D Goodreads 5 star review!

5 star reviews on Amazon!  “A genuine and frank inside look at what one goes through after losing a loved one to suicide.” Lily

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In Frantic Caged, Part II, Frantic Caged, describes her daily life during months four through six after his death.  Her emotions aren’t as raw as in the previous months, but anger, sarcasm, and fear have begun to take hold.  The fog that enveloped her in the beginning is lifting and the reality of her situation starts to set in.  She describes her attempts to find stability by learning to perform chores previously delegated to her husband, by stepping back from survivor groups, and even starting the dating process after 25 years of being out of the market.

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